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Braces or Clear Aligners: Which is Better for Cary Residents

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Braces or Clear Aligners: Which is Better for Cary Residents

Braces or Clear Aligners: Which is Better for Cary Residents

A beautiful smile with perfectly aligned and healthy teeth is important to a person’s appearance. No wonder people often choose between braces or clear aligners such as Invisalign to make straight and perfectly aligned teeth so they can have a perfect smile. 

But the question is – between braces and clear aligners, which one is right for you? 

This decision comes down to a lot of factors such as personal preferences, the extent of dental misalignment, priorities, and more. 

We’ve come up with this guide so you can make informed decisions between braces and clear aligners. Read below to discover everything you need to know about braces or clear aligners.

Overview of Braces & Clear Aligners

Braces and clear aligners are the gold standard orthodontic tools for correcting dental misalignments. Common dental misalignments include overcrowding, overbite, underbite, open bite, deep bite, spacing, and more. Beyond just aesthetics, making sure your teeth are properly aligned helps you keep your teeth healthy and protects you against future problems.

Perhaps, metal braces are the most popular teeth straightening treatment. However, the demand for less conspicuous aligners has made clear aligners a good choice for many people. Here are the things you need to know about the pros and cons of both types of aligners. 

Benefits of Clear Aligners


Clear aligners are often considered to be more comfortable than traditional braces. Additionally, traditional braces may cause irritation of the cheeks, lips, and tongues, which can lead to mouth sores during the first few weeks as your mouth starts getting used to the new appliance.

Clear aligners, on the other hand, cause less irritation to the mouth because they’re made of durable plastic, which is smoother than metal or ceramic braces.


Clear aligners are less noticeable than braces. They’re also aesthetically more pleasing. Furthermore, it is possible to make customized clear aligners that are made to fit your teeth perfectly. This may be a factor for many people who desire less conspicuous treatments but certainly not for every patient.  

Ease of Brushing & Flossing

Clear aligners come with removable trays, so you can easily remove the aligner to brush and floss your teeth normally. 

However, brushing with braces may be more difficult compared to clear aligners. Moreover, braces may limit your dietary and social choices. With clear aligners, you only have to remove them, eat your favorite food, then replace your trays. 

Fewer Orthodontic Appointments

You will benefit from fewer orthodontic visits with clear aligners than with traditional braces because the system of making clear aligners involves making a series of aligners that are custom-made to fit perfectly to your teeth. Braces, on the other hand, will require more frequent appointments to change or tighten your wires.  

Additionally, orthodontic visits with clear aligners are simpler and more convenient because there are no wires to fix or tighten and no bands to tighten. Hence, if you live a busy life, then you may want to consider having a clear aligner.

Disadvantages of Clear Aligners

Discipline Needed

For clear aligners to work effectively, you have to wear them for at least 20 to 22 hours per day. Furthermore, it is easy to take them out, so you need to have a certain level of discipline to wear them all day long. This may be a problem for kids who may easily lose their aligners when they remove them.

Not Suitable for Complex Corrections

Clear aligners are very effective for correcting dental misalignment that requires minor straightening. More serious and complex misalignments may require braces that are stronger, more durable, and capable of more intense movement.

Benefits of Braces

Good for Complex Corrections

Braces work for all types of corrections, whether minor or major. As a matter of fact, braces deliver more force than clear aligners, which makes them more suitable for correcting complex problems. Based on the assessment of your misalignment, your orthodontist will recommend which type of orthodontic treatment will be suitable for you.


Braces are fixed to your teeth, so removing them will require the help of your orthodontist. This makes them durable and ensures patient compliance. Additionally, they’re also long-lasting with excellent control.

Multiple Options

You can choose from several types of braces based on what suits you. For instance, if you desire a more discreet appearance, you can choose lingual braces, which are usually fixed behind the teeth. You can also choose options that look just like natural teeth, as seen with ceramic braces that blend with the natural color of your teeth. 

Disadvantages of Traditional Braces


Braces are very conspicuous. This may be an issue for people that want a more discreet appearance. Although ceramic and lingual braces may be less visible, they’re still noticeable and are more obvious than clear aligners.


Metal braces are not as comfortable as clear aligners. They can cause irritation in your mouth and may even take time to get used to.

Food Limitations

People who wear braces have limitations on the types of food they can eat. For instance, people with braces find it difficult to eat popcorn, hard candy, and other types of food that could get stuck in between the brackets. They also can’t eat certain hard foods that may damage the brackets or wires.

Appearance of Stains

People who wear braces often notice tooth discoloration after they remove their braces. This is probably because the brackets and wires can stay in place for an average of two years. Thankfully, teeth discoloration is easy to correct with regular dental cleanings or professional teeth whitening for more serious cases.

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Are you ready to take control of your smile by correcting dental misalignment? If you find it hard to make a choice between braces or clear aligners, then feel free to contact us so we can help you make a choice between braces and clear aligners in Cary, NC.


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